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How to Catch Up In Retirement Retirement can really sneak up on you, do you know how to catch up?
Tax Free Retirement Learn about how you can achieve a tax free retirement.
What is a Fiduciary? Do you know if your advisor is working with your best interests in mind?
Who needs an Advisor? You've worked hard your entire life accumulating your nest egg, don't you owe it to yourself to find a professional to get you through retirement?
The Rule of 100 If you are within ten years of retirement then it is essential that you know what The Rule of 100 is and how it can affect your retirement goals.
Investment Expenses Learn ways to avoid hidden fees that can cost your thousands of dollars each year.
Retirement Expenses When planning for retirement, you can’t afford ignore these expenses.
Retirement Tips of Women Women can outlive men by as much as 15 years, it's important to have a backup plan to get you though all the potential issues.
The Little Known Truth About Mutual Funds Mutual funds were created so that anyone could invest in the market, learn how they have changed over the years.
Grandparents Know Best Had enough with overcomplicated retirement planning? Learn the secrets our grandparent’s used for their successful retirements.
Who Needs a Financial Advisor? Learn how you can take steps to avoid running out of money during your retirement.
What is a Fiduciary, and Why Should You Care? Not all advisors have to recommend financial products that are in your best interests. Make sure your current advisor is a fiduciary and recommending the best investments for your retirement assets.
Retirement Education If you are in retirement or soon to be retired, these tips can help you thrive during your retirement.
Social Security Tips These Social Security tips could help you draw more income during retirement.
Bonds and Interest Rates Bonds and interest rates have always had a see-saw like correlation, learn how the current interest rate environment could affect your portfolio.
Retirement All-Stars Check out the steps you can take today to become a retirement all-star and live your retirement to the fullest.
Three Things You Can Control Being in control of your retirement can make the difference between a successful retirement and one that comes up short.
Should I Roll My 401k into an IRA? Rolling your money into an IRA can provide you with potentially lower fees, more investment options, and are better for your heirs and beneficiaries.
How Much Does Your Retirement Cost? Learn steps you can take to reduce your fees and keep more of your hard earned money.
When Can You Retire? The best way to achieve your retirement starts with a plan and an analysis.
Complete Planning Review You've spent your life saving and working towards your retirement nest egg, but is it prepared for the unpredictable events life can throw your way?
Stress Testing Your Portfolio Learn how we can compare your portfolio to historical events to make sure your portfolio can handle any curve ball life might throw at it.
How to Minimize Taxes Learn the steps you can take today to minimize your taxes in retirement and ease the burden they have on your portfolio.
2018 Tax Law Effect The new tax law can be confusing to understand, but here’s how it can help you with your retirement goals.
3 Questions About Retirement Can you answer these three key questions when it comes to your retirement?
Strategic Wealth Spotlight Strategic Wealth was founded in 2002 by Matt Dicken to help provide retirees and pre-retires financial peace of mind in retirement.

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Strategic Wealth Designers (SWD) is a leading retirement and wealth management planning firm founded by CEO, Matt Dicken in 2002. Matt is also a best-selling author and tv show host of "Strategic Wealth with Matt Dicken", which airs every Sunday on WHAS 11 at 10am.

Matt and the SWD team serve Kentucky and Indiana and offer a variety of solutions designed to help minimize taxes, reduce risk and protect and grow your assets. They are committed to providing every client a trusted one-stop resource for and advice and guidance on all financial matters so that your financial goals and dreams are met. They are also Registered Investment Advisors, who are proud to be fiduciaries and always put the client's needs and interests first. Contact them today for a complimentary financial review.

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